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A new film on HBO Max from Catalyst's Head of Programming and an ITV Fest alum!

Uprooted: the Journey of Jazz Dance celebrated its US release this month on HBO Max! From Executive Producer Grady Craig, an ITV Fest alum and Associate Producer Kimberley Browning, also an alum and now Catalyst’s Head of Programming, Uprooted is a feature length documentary on the lineage and future progressions of Jazz Dance. "Uprooted’s creative team believe that this film is essential for the future of dance, and its release will help ensure that the legacy of so many great creative figures gets passed down and not lost. Our film will open the eyes and minds of so many, and ignite new passion and understanding in others – something particularly important in today’s society."


Grady Craig and Kimberley Browning both attended Catalyst (then ITV Fest) in 2017 and 2018 respectively, Craig through a program at Boston College and Browning as a content producer. At the festival, Craig made a connection with Steven Adams at Buffalo 8 and went on to become an analyst at Bond It Media Capital in Los Angeles. In addition to Catalyst, Browning has worked on multiple other programming teams including LA Film Fest and Tribeca Film Festival. Her additional programming credits include HBO, A&E, CBS and NBC and she also served as the EP of HBO Access episodic directing and writing programs.

We are thrilled that Kimberley and Grady are on this team together and we wish them continued success with the film. Make sure you catch Uprooted: the Journey of Jazz Dance streaming now on HBO Max and stay up to date with news at!


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