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Do You Have Stories to Tell?

Storytelling is our global cultural currency. It's how we learn, connect, inspire, and shape the world. You've come to Catalyst because you have stories to share and are looking to learn the process of bringing your stories to life.

Setting Expectations: Film vs Series

When it comes to the business of storytelling & production, your story falls into one of two artistic formats: (1) it's either a series, meaning that it is an open-ended story world designed for the viewer to watch over the course of multiple episodes, or (2) it is a film, meaning that it has a pre-determined beginning, middle, and end designed to be watched in one sitting (typically under 3 hours).

Catalyst focuses only on series, not films.

The Truth About Making a Series

Because your story is in a series format, you need a network of people who believe in your ability to create an entire series that doesn't exist yet. Creating your show is as much about who YOU are as a person as it is about the story you're telling. This is why the series side of the business can seem so much more difficult to breakthrough - because it's all about relationships and trust. And that can take time (years) and opportunity.

What is Storieroad?

Storieroad (aka, the Catalyst Story Institute) is a step-by-step pathway of meetings, workshops, seminars, festivals, and social events designed to showcase your stories to the industry, advance your career opportunities, and grow your trusted professional network. Catalyst is where relationships are made. Participants have gained jobs, signed with agents, sold projects, and made career partnerships through Storieroad.

Who Can Register

Registering today grants you access to Storieroad benefits & events for 12 months from the day you begin

  • Creators, writers, directors, actors & producers

  • Each person from a show must register individually

Types of Content Accepted
  • Narrative/episodic/serialized content of any genre, length, style, and type: comedy, drama, thriller, scripted, unscripted, documentary, limited series, social media, influencer, short form,"half-hour", "hour-long", radio, podcast, reality, talk show, game show, animation, kids, gaming, VR, mobile, etc.​​

  • Projects can be in any stage of development: pitch, script, in-production, post-production, or completed.​

  • Your projects can have any number of episodes. Projects with an average runtime of 15 minutes or less per episode will be considered "short form".

Types of Content Not Accepted

  • Feature films

Institute Includes:
  • 25% off unlimited Catalyst classes, events, festival passes, festival submissions, panels & workshops

  • A general meeting with our industry team to discuss your career path, goals & projects

  • Your career profile & project info listed in our content database for industry executives to search & discover throughout the year

  • Access to our virtual library of over 70+ educational seminars & virtual events

  • Priority reservations for Table Reads and Practice Pitch Sessions

  • Expires 12 months from the day you register

  • $129/year, one-time annual fee

  • Your enrollment begins the day you signup and goes for 12 months

  • Cancel anytime after the 1st year


A limited amount of scholarships are available for artists that demonstrate financial need. Visit our scholarship page here for more details.

Scholarship Fund

If you would like to support our scholarship fund, please make a donation below.

Additional FAQS

Do I have to be accepted into the festival to be in Storieroad?

No. The festival has no impact on your ability to be a part of Storieroad.

What's the key difference between the festival and Storieroad?

Storieroad is where you can advance your career, meet people, and get notes on your projects. The festival is a fun weekend where everyone gathers together to see new content and meet many people at once. Being accepted into the festival and winning an award is always a great boost to any project, but the majority of your long-term career work will be done through the smaller Storieroad events throughout the year.

Who are the Industry Professionals Involved?

The industry producers, casting directors, writers, directors, lawyers, agents, speakers and other professionals who partner with us changes every year. The full list is posted in the summer when the schedule is announced. You can see last year's list here.

Are all projects submitted to Storieroad automatically accepted into the festival?

No. All Storieroad projects are automatically submitted for festival consideration but are not automatically selected to screen at the October festival event. Projects will go through the normal festival selection process.

Do projects have to be in Storieroad to win awards at the festival?

No. All projects selected to screen at the festival are eligible for awards in their appropriate categories.

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