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Samuela Noumtchuet named Catalyst's Director of Operations

New York, NY. January 10th, 2022 - The Catalyst Story Institute is excited to announce Samuela Noumtchuet as its new Director of Operations. In her new role, Noumtchuet will supervise Catalyst's industry outreach, community network and educational programming.

"With her previous experience as a college student in one of Catalyst's educational programs, and subsequently as a producer of a festival event, Samuela is uniquely qualified to take on this leadership role. She understands how Catalyst operates, what creators need and how Catalyst can expand to lift up as many voices as possible," says Nikki Coble, the Director of the Catalyst Institute. "The institute provides content creators with a creative sanctuary and trusted career pathway to advance their knowledge base and make new professional connections. It has grown to include hundreds of content creators from around the world and now requires its own dedicated team." Jennifer Plotzke, the Director of Mentoring and Partnerships is also excited to have Noumtchuet on board. "The Institute is the core of Catalyst, so it follows that the team behind it must embody passion and heart. Samuela has an incredible energy and is dedicated to helping others expand and advance their careers. She is the perfect addition to the Catalyst team."

"In 2015, as a sophomore at Boston College, I took a TV class that led me to attend the Catalyst Content Festival. I was touched by the warm community, amazing content, and wealth of knowledge from each panelist. In 2018 after graduation, I returned as the festival’s Coordinator, supporting talented creatives as they sparked deals towards their next project in the Indie TV circuit. As Director of Operations, I’m excited to be a part of this passionate team, and I look forward to working with artists and executives to kick off another successful year of Catalyst!"

Catalyst Story Institute enrollment is available to creators year-round with virtual and in-person events around the country starting in the spring. The 17th annual Catalyst Content Festival will be held September 28th - October 1st in Duluth, Minnesota as part of the inaugural North Star Story Summit.


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