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Jennifer Plotzke Named Catalyst's Director of Mentoring & Partnerships

New York, NY. Dec 20, 2021 – The Catalyst Story Institute is excited to announce Jennifer Plotzke as the new Director of Mentoring & Partnerships. Earlier this year, NATAS (the National Academy of TV Arts & Sciences) announced Catalyst as the official partner of their indie TV mentorship program. In her newly created role, Plotzke will oversee Catalyst's industry-wide partnerships and be in charge of connecting Catalyst's high-level content creator mentees with their professional industry mentors.

“Relationships are how the TV industry functions," says Philip Gilpin, Jr, CEO/Executive Director of Catalyst. "When an executive decides to bring someone new into their writers' room or when an agent decides to sign a new client, those are intensely personal choices that have the potential to make or break both the creative's and executive's careers. Unlike the film industry where the commercial viability of the completed work is the main driver of most deals, in the TV industry, relationships and trust are paramount because you're creating a future project. It takes an intense amount of time to determine the right connections. Jenn comes from the creative side of the industry and has been a part of the Catalyst creative system, so her unique experience enables her to understand exactly what content creators need and what industry professionals are seeking. We are thrilled to have her in this critical role.”

“When I first attended Catalyst in 2018 as an actor and creator, I knew I had stumbled upon something truly special: a host of talented storytellers, a wealth of incredible content and an unparalleled community spirit. I knew then and there that I wanted to be an ongoing part of this magic. As the Associate Producer of the festival in 2021, it was so rewarding to be directly involved in the coordination of this exciting week in Duluth that continues to evolve and expand each year. Now as the Director of Mentoring & Partnerships, it is truly an honor to be part of such an incredible team as we help foster industry connections and relationships and usher in the next generation of television.”

Plotzke will report directly to CEO/Executive Director Philip Gilpin, Jr who will continue to oversee both the institute and the festival.

About Catalyst

Catalyst is a Duluth-based non-profit that discovers episodic storytelling artists, develops their creative skills, showcases their story ideas to the world, and advances their careers within the television industry. The institute’s year-round operations include seminars, workshops, networking events, and mentorship opportunities in partnership with organizations such as the National Academy of TV Arts & Sciences (aka, the Emmy Awards), the Korea Foundation, and UMD. While Catalyst maintains Duluth as its international hub, its other locations include Los Angeles, New York, and Savannah, GA, as well as an international presence in South Korea, Algeria, Nigeria, New Zealand, Brazil, Mexico and Europe. By attracting the TV & film industry to Duluth, Catalyst puts the Northland on the map as a destination for future productions that can grow the local economy.


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