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‘Bel-Air’ began as a $25,000 short. It might be the future of the TV reboot

February 9, 2022 Per Los Angeles Times:

"The idea of a present-day “Fresh Prince” retelling came to Cooper, who grew up on its reruns, in May 2018. “I was driving, and the entire vision suddenly hit me — the language, the music, the quality of light, every detail was clear as day — and I had to make it,” he recalls. He shot the self-funded $25,000 project in eight days over two months, with a cast of local actors from his hometown of Kansas City, Mo. “It didn’t feel like a gamble to me. That’s what we have to do as artists. We can’t wait for other people to give us permission to make the art that’s within us. We can take it upon ourselves and invest our own money into our dreams.'"


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