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A Catalyst international showcase advancing new voices & storytellers from 10 countries on 6 continents

Up to 5 finalists & 10 semi-finalists professionally

selected from each country

Free registration until April 15, 2021

Read more details about the program including which countries are participating and the awards & benefits of being selected.

Optional: Donations to Catalyst's scholarship fund are used to help artists-in-need attend the institute. Donations are not required to register.

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Download this preview to see all the questions and plan your answers before you submit the final registration survey.

The registration survey takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. You must be a citizen of one of the 10 countries listed to apply.

Now accepting submissions from citizens of the following countries:

  • Algeria

  • Brazil

  • Canada

  • Germany

  • Hungary

  • Mexico

  • New Zealand

  • Nigeria

  • South Korea

  • Switzerland





April 15, 2021

Selections announced

May 31, 2021


What is Storieroad?

Who can register?

What kind of content is accepted?

What do the selected artists receive?

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What is Storieroad?

Catalyst's Storieroad is a step-by-step pathway of meetings, workshops, seminars, festivals, and social events designed to showcase your stories to the industry, advance your career opportunities, and grow your trusted professional network.

Catalyst is where relationships are made. Participants have gained jobs, signed with agents, sold projects, and made career partnerships through Storieroad.

Who Can Register
  • Creators, writers, & producers with an independent series idea

  • If a project has multiple creators, each person must register individually.

  • Must be a citizen of at least one of the 10 countries listed. Dual-citizenship is allowed.

Types of Content Accepted
  • Narrative/episodic/serialized content of any genre, length, style, and type: comedy, drama, thriller, scripted, unscripted, documentary, limited series, social media, influencer, short form,"half-hour", "hour-long", radio, podcast, reality, talk show, game show, animation, kids, gaming, VR, mobile, etc.

  • Projects can be in any stage of development: pitch, script, in-production, post-production, or completed.

  • Your projects can have any number of episodes. Projects with an average runtime of 15 minutes or less per episode will be considered "short form".

  • Pitches and scripts must be in English. Videos can be in any language but must have English subtitles.

Types of Content Not Accepted

  • Feature films

How It Works
  • Register here before April 15, 2021

  • Our team of industry professionals will select up to 5 finalists & 10 semi-finalists from each country

  • Selections will be notified no later than May 31, 2021

  • Finalists will receive:

    • A showcase event in their home country celebrating their honor and displaying their work

    • One full scholarship to Catalyst Storieroad for 1 year

    • A meeting with Catalyst's Executive team to discuss your career path & goals

    • A creative meeting to discuss your project idea

    • Access to pitch seminars & virtual educational events

    • Your project will be automatically selected to be screened & presented at the annual Catalyst Content Festival in Duluth, Minnesota, USA

    • 4 free VIP passes to the Catalyst Content Festival

    • Your career profile & project info will be listed in our content database for industry executives to search & discover throughout the year

  • Semi-finalists will receive:

    • A virtual meeting with Catalyst's Executive team to discuss your career path & goals

    • A virtual creative industry meeting to discuss your project idea & receive feedback

    • 2 free VIP passes to the Catalyst Content Festival

    • Please note: semi-finalists do not present at the showcase and are not screened at the festival

Do You Have Stories to Tell?
Storytelling is core to who we are. It's how we learn, it's how we connect, it's how we inspire - and it's how we shape the world into becoming the better place we want it to be.
You've come to Catalyst because you have stories to share and you're looking for the easiest path to have them funded, produced, and distributed to the world.
Setting Expectations
When it comes to the business of storytelling & production, your story falls into one of two artistic formats: (1) it's either a series, meaning that it is an open-ended story world designed for the viewer to watch over the course of multiple episodes, or (2) it is a film, meaning that it has a pre-determined beginning, middle, and end designed to be watched in one sitting (typically under 3 hours).
Catalyst focuses only on series, not films.
The Truth About Making a Series
The risks are much greater when investing in a series.
Because your story is in a series format, it is not good enough for you to just be talented and have a good story idea. You need to simultaneously build a network of people who believe in your ability to create an entire series that doesn't exist yet. Maybe you've already written or shot a few episodes but it's very unlikely that you have made a completed series to sell. Creating your show is as much about who YOU are as a person as it is about the story you're telling.
In contrast, when you bring a film to a festival, you're selling a completed project. The buyers do not have to wonder about your ability to complete the project, they can see exactly what they are buying.
This is why the series side of the business can seem so much more difficult to breakthrough - because it's all about relationships and trust. And that takes time (years) and opportunity.


Free to register

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