Types of Content Accepted
  • Narrative/episodic/serialized content of any genre, style, and type: comedy, drama, thriller, scripted, unscripted, documentary, social media, influencer, short form,"half-hour", "hour-long", radio, podcast, reality, talk show, game show, animation, kids, gaming, VR, mobile, etc.

  • Short films under 15 minutes in length may be submitted in the minisodic category.

  • Projects can be in any stage of development: pitch, script, in-production, post-production, or completed.

  • Your project can have any number of episodes. Projects with a produced runtime of 14-minutes or less per episode will be considered "short form" and placed in the minisodic category. Individual episodes cannot be greater than 70 minutes in length.

Types of Content Not Accepted

Feature films


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