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TV Comedy

Casting Call

Commercials are common. The people who cast them are not.

Winner Best Comedy Actress 2017

The Weekend Detectives

Meet Alex and Alice McNally: part-time cops, full-time twins. Anything they say or do can and will be used against them. After their father, the former Chief of Police, died in the line of duty, the McNally twins were thrown into the force to fulfill his last dying wish. Underqualified and overconfident, they are only permitted to work weekends. They are assigned “special police tasks” which often get them “in way over their heads.”

Winner Best Comedy 2017


When NBA superstar Jay “J-Train” Tyrell is arrested for soliciting drugs and prostitution, he hires sober companion Nick Foster to keep him on the straight and narrow. Can Nick help this star shine again or will he slide into relapse and irrelevance?

TV Short Comedy

Three Shades of Brown

Three Shades of Brown tells the story of three very different British Asians - a Rude Boy (trying to be black), a Coconut (trying to be white) and a Freshie (oblivious to how Asian he is) - who move into a flat together and immediately get off to the rockiest start.

TV Comedy

Do The Voice

“Do The Voice” is a musical comedy starring Lori Alan as a self-absorbed but lovable 50-year-old famous voice over actress struggling to find true love and relevancy in the unforgiving world of Hollywood.

TV Short Comedy

Weekend Warriors

A group of Live Action Role Players (LARP) are on the brink of losing the park in which they hold their weekly adventures. Now it’s time to fight back against the City Council. This game just got real.

TV Short Comedy

Young & Reckless

A comedy (web) series about a 28 year-old dude whose arch nemesis is a 13-year-old girl. When law-school dropout Devon Young moves back in with his mom, the last thing he expected was to fall for Claire, the Camaro-driving advertising exec who lives across the street.

TV Comedy

K Great Thanks

Unlikely friends Zelda Karen and Aaron Sutter maneuver their way through failure after failure in Hollywood’s entertainment biz and find that maybe winning is the best thing that never happened to them.

Winner Best Comedy Actor 2017

Lazy Circles

Lazy Circles is a single-camera comedy taking a look at the hilarity and excitement in a small Oklahoma town. Whether it’s the house-raiding librarian’s book burnings, the mayor’s citizen arrest machine that catches perverts, or deadly storms being tracked by a weatherman’s nose, there’s always something crazy happening in Goshè.

TV Comedy

Lightning Dogs

When her beloved dogs are struck by lightning and turned into full-grown dudes, an anti-social workaholic is drawn into the messy lives of the people around her to find a place in her own human pack.

TV Comedy


The world’s first pregnant man searches for clues that explain this miracle and uncovers a conspiracy so much greater than he ever thought.

TV Short Comedy

Behind The Cereal

The (possibly) authorized, (potentially) true, behind-the-scenes story of an iconic breakfast cereal's lost member.

TV Comedy

Natherine: Future Experience

Nat and Kat - the world’s worst drug dealers - are cut off by their parents right at the cusp of their experimental band’s rise to internet infamy. They’re thousands of dollars in debt for their bad business investment - a huge brick of skunk weed.

TV Short Comedy


Everybody's a douche whether they know it or not. Doucheaholics centers around the international fellowship of men and women who exhibit poor, deviant behavior and want to better themselves in a supportive, healing, and nurturing environment. Think AA, but for douchebags.

TV Comedy

Off the Record

A misfit team of college students struggle to produce their school newspaper together and in spite of each other. The editor in chief's first task - fire the sports writer, again.

TV Short Comedy

Dungeons and Dating

Five nerds sit down for their regular role playing game session. But wizards, goblins and dragons are too mundane for this crew. They're tackling a fantasy realm beyond anything they've ever experienced: the world of dating.

TV Short Comedy


The typical post-apocalyptic story is about renewal: starting over again in a new, desolate world. Families are created anew, rules of society are abandoned and re-written. But what about those who don't care about any of that?

TV Comedy

Personal Use

Eytan gets arrested with a truck full of marijuana. When he claims in court for personal use, the judge rules that Eytan has 30 days to smoke all the marijuana which he got caught with. Eytan has to deal with the police, the media, the local mafia and the fact that Mor, the love of his life, wants to leave him while he is high as a kite.

TV Short Comedy

Fink and Puzzy

Francis has a list. A list of all the things brothers are supposed to do together. Now that his signature stands between his brother Peter and the sale of their father’s house he’s going to get all the memories TV and movies have promised him. Even if it kills them.

TV Comedy


Katie, a virgin romance novelist finds out she's getting published and needs a crash course in sex.

TV Short Comedy


Three agoraphobics, looking to expand their worlds, decide to move in together and open a day spa inside their apartment. A sitcom web series created by Schuyler Helford.

TV Comedy


A low-level entertainment manager is well on his way from managing social media talent to reinventing himself as a health guru by the name of Sprout.

TV Short Comedy

Little Acorns

All the laughters, tears, tantrums and endless drama of a suburban childcare centre....and then there's the kids. Little Acorns a workplace comedy where the adults act more like children than the children.

Winner Best Editing 2017

The Jeskid TV Show

Life is a Vlog and the quest to get likes and be liked is real. Jeskid desperately wants to fit in (online and IRL) but oscillates between being his one true crazy self and pandering to get any attention.

TV Comedy

Your Mom Says Hi

Two best friends, Carlie and Doni, create sketches and parodies ranging from topics such as bridesmaids and camel toes to lesbian dating and gangsta waitressing.

Winner Best Short Comedy 2017

Misery Loves Company

Two friends navigate being women of color in a post-election world, while trying (and failing) at a #Blessed life in LA. Misery Loves Company is a show that marries Broad City’s female-driven comedy with Master of None’s political commentary.

TV Short Comedy

Mollys Deliver

Best friends and business partners Molly Logan and Molly Schwartz must navigate friendships and relationships while managing their small organic grocery delivery service.

TV Short Comedy


A clique of well-meaning but imperfect moms scramble to regain control of their reps before their parenting fails are exposed to the world.

TV Short Comedy

New Mommies

NEW MOMMIES explores the lives of a freshly cuckolded odd couple as they begin their quest to find “new mommies” for their beloved pets.

TV Short Comedy


PARKED is a workplace comedy centered around a handful of valet’s, parking the cars of entitled customers in the San Fernando Valley. At the center of it all is Kyle, the thirty year old Co-Assistant manager of the lot. He’s offered a promotion to General Manager, but soon realizes, with great horror, his future as a career valet is solidifying.

TV Short Comedy

Save Me

SAVE ME drops us into random lives, mid-sentence. We get to know people through storylines that unravel with humour and pathos and a built-in ticking time bomb - that one of them at some point will be blindsided by a medical emergency. And all of it is rooted in the on-going stories of our regular cast of EMTs who come to the rescue.

TV Short Comedy


Will and Tess are lifelong best friends. A vacancy just opened up in their three bedroom apartment, and the only thing between them and homelessness is a revolving door of bizarre sublets.

TV Short Comedy

The Adventures of Delores Briggam

A mid 30s late bloomer, Delores Briggam arrives in Los Angeles ready to take on the world. Through videos she sends to her family back home in Tennessee, we see her experience the bizarreness that only Los Angeles provides.

Short Film & Documentary

2017 Selections

Television Comedy
Television Drama

Winner Best Cinematography 2017


Served is a half hour, ensemble comedy-drama that follows the vibrant staff of a stylish LA eatery in their effort to function as a makeshift family, framed – in part – through the journey of a young Hispanic man whose hopes of being a server are suddenly dashed when he’s relegated to the back of the house.

Winner Best Drama &

Best Actor Drama 2017


Fed up with the crime and murder plaguing his inner city New Orleans community, a Catholic priest with a violent past decides to take matters into his own hands.

TV Drama

The Passage

A little boy from another era is watching Robin from the shadows and mystically eliminating her loved ones in order to isolate her for his own purposes.

TV Short Drama

The Beginning and Ending of Everything

Angelita returns home from prison in hopes of reuniting with the young child she left behind. When she discovers the child is nowhere to be found, she goes on a quest to find the baby, her hope, and her reason for living.

Winner Best Short Drama 2017

Best Thing You'll Ever Do

While launching her promising Silicon Valley start-up company, a late 30's entrepreneur has to decide between having a baby (or not).

Winner Best Writing 2017

Cleaner Daze

Welcome to The Cliffs, the one and only teen drug rehab in Santa Cruz, California. Nobody wants to be there, not even the staff. As the pent-up teens sneak around trying to do whatever they can to get high, Jasmine and her eccentric co-workers, addicts in recovery themselves, do their best to “treat” them. And once an addict, always an addict.

TV Short Drama


The local coal mine in the town of Black Rock becomes a crime scene when a miner’s daughter is assaulted in its tunnels. She utters only one word, which leaves the town baffled: “Pineapple.”

TV Short Drama


Six strangers find themselves trapped in a mysterious game of death where nobody is who they seem to be.

TV Short Drama


When lost-in-life Rosie, her best friend Tucker and their childhood friends reunite for a long weekend, they are all forced to confront their difficult life choices, uncertain futures and the friendships that may not last as long as they once thought.

Winner Best Actress Drama 2017


Angela Mills, an unravelling whirlwind of bulimia, alcohol abuse, and one night stands with guys who have cool mugs, has drunkenly enrolled herself in a partial-hospitalization eating disorder clinic. Now, she must juggle her failing pastry shop, an affair with her therapist, and a cast of bizarre food-abusers, all while trying not to tear herself and everyone around her into a million, damaged little pieces.

TV Drama

Deine Zukunft (Your Future)

SAMI, athletic guy, likeable features, is a refugee. Since eight months he lives in a social apartment building, where people from all over the world are accommodated.

TV Drama


The fantastic of the Island of Florianopolis becomes terrifyingly real when multiple murders inspired by folk tales happen in remote parts of the Island.

TV Short Drama


Giants is a scripted digital drama series that follows three black millennials reach battling their own inner giants as they approach age 30. The show tackles very real issues such as mental health, sexual identity, religious skepticism and unorthodox methods of economic survival.

TV Drama

Loose Ends

A pampered Women’s Studies major, forced to leave college when her mother dies, must learn to deal with the hard-ass father she just met for the first time, survive in the foulmouthed, nicotine-fueled world of the hard-rock roadie, and find family where she least expects it.

Winner Best of ITVFest 2017

Public Housing Unit

Set in the late 1980's, three police officers take on both lawmakers and lawbreakers as they work to protect the people of Chicago's infamous public housing projects. These cops, the finest the city has to offer, have their morals pushed to the brink as they fight to serve a fragmented community, broken by an unjust system.

Short Film


The story is set in 1986 Chicago. Two children, born to a Korean mother, and African-American father are forced to live with the tangled consequences of their parents decisions, while struggling to traverse new life in the Windy City.

Short Film


After over 20 years with no contact, Ryan discovers that his absentee father is terminally ill and decides to confront him on his deathbed about his past transgressions.

Winner Best Short Film 2017


Two estranged siblings, played by veteran actors Erin Daniels (THE L WORD) and Michael Maize (MR. ROBOT), suffer lifelong oppression at the hands of their now dying mother. Mark has been forced into years of servitude as the doting son. Beth has dealt with crippling guilt from afar.

Short Film


In the not so distant future, a hacker and activist named Costco Cooley is quickly growing in popularity. He has been coined the modern-day Robin Hood of computer hacking. His outspoken nature against government and fearless public image have suddenly made him more vulnerable than ever.

Short Film

Modern Romance

Set in the near future, an average guy attempts to find love using a holographic dating app. After navigating a slew of ads, scams and uninterested women, it appears he may have found a match!

Short Film

Project: Girl

A short series exploring the enigma and complexities of girlhood.

Short Film


Recess is a comedic short film about a boy and his tough choices at recess. With only 15 minutes of free time, deciding what to do is often the hardest part of the day. Recess was written and produced by a 7-year-old midwestern kid named Aidan... whom also believes recess is too short to make these tough choices!

Short Film

The Metal Detector

Detecting metal is more than just a hobby for Norm. He's more of an enthusiast. His life has been dedicated to the craft. We find him in the routine of life, an average day. But his day quickly changes when he is put in the position to be a hero.



"Defender" is a feature length film about the critical role that public defenders play in fighting for racial and social justice in America. The film takes viewers on a personal and intense tour through the underbelly of the criminal injustice system, seen through the eyes of SF Public Defender Jeff Adachi, who is one of the nation’s few elected public defenders.


The Art of Television

The Art of Television : TV Directors explores modern television directing and those who stand behind the camera through intimate and never-before-seen portraits. Six directors from the most iconic TV shows, such as The Sopranos, Game of Thrones, The Good Wife, Law & Order, Six Feet Under and Mad Men welcome us into their home and walk us through their carrier and work methods.

Shorts & Docs
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