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Kelly Edwards' Advice for Writers

In January of this year, Kelly Edwards launched a blog on her website in an effort to shed light on the writing process and help writers on their journey. It chronicles her experience as she takes on writing a novel, a process that has proven to be very different from writing The Executive Chair. In her weekly series, she shares the difficulties she encounters and what she learns along the way in hopes of assisting other writers going through the same. Read from her first installment below and click the link at the bottom of the page to read on!

From Installment #1: Trying my hand at a novel...

In the 90s, script deals were handed out like bumps of coke at a Hollywood party. Everybody got one! Now IP has taken hold as the new "thing" and somehow everyone on the planet has suddenly released a novel.

My managers have sent me a few books to see if I want to deliver a "take." The first couple were about slavery and prostitutes so we had a little heart to heart and I said "I'm just not that kind of writer. I'm going to look for the funny. I'll only do it if the prostitute moonlights as a stand-up comic and has to choose between turning a trick or making it to open mic night. Now that's conflict!"

Cue the stony silence on the other end of the phone.

Since I haven't found the right fit of other people's work with my sensibility, I've decided to write my 250-page tome that no one will read, but everyone will swear they've heard from someone who does, that it's absolutely brilliant. This is totally different from The Executive Chair. That one is how to blaze a path into Hollywood. It's all of the things that executives know that they never share with the people who need to know it.

No, this is me muddling my way through to get to the end of a novel and then seeing if anyone will read it in Cancun during spring break. I'm thinking it will be fun to share the experience with all of you. Every few days, I'll post my progress and what I've discovered about the writing process. Apparently, no one can tell you how to write a novel because everyone does it differently so I'm going to try my hand and see what happens. Hope you'll come on the journey with me.

Here goes nothing...

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