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Welcome to Storieroad!


This special discount link is only for WGA members.


Where industry relationships are made. The Catalyst Stories Institute (aka, Storieroad) is a series of labs, seminars, workshops, and networking events that prepare ​content creators for potential meetings & partnerships with industry executives, producers & other professionals.

Who Can Register

  • Creators, writers, directors, actors & producers.

  • All persons who want to participate in the meetings, seminars & events must register individually. 

  • Everyone who registers is automatically accepted into Storieroad.​



You will receive an email with a downloadable image. Open it for instructions on how to login and begin Storieroad.



* No refunds or cancellations once purchased
* Non-transferrable. Cannot be shared. Valid for 1 person only, and only the person who purchases it.
* Each person participating in Storieroad and festival events must have their own individual plan & user profile
* Valid for Storieroad and festival events through 12/31/2020
* Plan benefits ends 12/31/2020 and does not carry over to future years
* Plan must be paid current in order to be allowed to participate in any events
* Some items have minimum threshold requirements for participation.

Storieroad Registration

$299.00 Regular Price
$149.00Sale Price
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