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StoryWorld Sessions

storycentral brings their storytelling expertise and writing series to the 2019 Catalyst Content Festival! Join them for an amazing lineup of writing-intensive sessions mornings Wednesday, October 9 - Friday, October 11 here at Catalyst in Duluth, MN.

This is the perfect way to start your day before jumping into production panels and screenings in the afternoon.

About storycentral

The world of storytelling and entertainment continues to evolve as audiences choose how, where and when they connect with story, disrupting old modes of interaction, distribution and formats.

storycentral positions this 'increasing sophistication of storytelling' as a baseline, a foundation that weaves in consideration of audience and levels of immersion, along with measurements of 'success'.  storycentral works with studios, TV networks, theme parks, agencies, publishers, brands and writers to develop and prototype innovative Intellectual Property, encouraging new methods for connecting with audiences, and immersive interactive storytelling across these exciting new distribution channels.

Sign Up

A specific pass must be purchased in order to be admitted into StoryWorld Sessions. General day passes and festival passes do not apply, you can purchase a special add-on pass here. Creator and Industry VIP badges welcome!

Come for everything Catalyst and add this special experience onto your time here, or signup just for StoryWorld Sessions to dig in deep.

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