Select up to two projects to include in the Storieroad seminars & for festival consideration.

How It Works

  • Select up to two of your projects for the Storieroad labs. These two projects will also receive automatic free festival submission for possible inclusion at the October festival.

  • These two projects can be at any step of the creative process: ideation, pitch, script, production, already produced and edited.

  • These two projects can be of any genres, style, and type. For example: comedy, drama, reality, podcast, talk, game show, animation, etc.

  • Your submitted projects will be the only ones involved in the Storieroad process. You cannot change projects after the labs have begun.


  • In mid-January, you will receive an online form requesting extensive information and data about your project(s) and the people involved with them. Take your time to fill this out thoroughly.

  • Project information forms are due back by February 20th.

What Happens Next

After all of the project submission forms are received, our Storieroad team will use them to create the schedule of Exposition, FirstLight, and Storiearc seminars and workshops. Our team needs to know the genres and styles of your projects so they can create the appropriate types of seminars for you. For example, we want to ensure that comedy creators work with comedy professionals, drama with drama, reality with reality, podcast with podcast, etc.

Festival Requirement

Creators are NOT required to submit for Storieroad in order for their project to be considered for festival screening acceptance. Please note: festival acceptance does NOT include network notes and/or marketplace executive meetings. Festival acceptance means you receive a screening only. If you want to be eligible for executives meetings, you must complete portions of the Storieroad process as detailed below.

Network Notes Meeting Requirement

Creators are required to complete the Exposition & FirstLight steps of Storieroad to be considered for a network notes session.

Marketplace Requirement

Creators are required to complete the Exposition, FirstLight, and StorieArc steps of Storieroad to be considered for marketplace executive meetings.


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