Choose from a variety of in-person and online seminars for the Exposition, FirstLight and Storiearc modules.

How It Works

  • Once our team reviews all of the project submissions, we will post a robust schedule of seminar and workshops dates, times, and locations.

  • Events will happen from April-September in LA, NY, and MN. Online options will be available for people who do not live in those areas. (Our goal is to add more cities in 2021).

  • Each event will have a finite number of available seats.

  • Those who registered first will have the option to choose first (time limits apply so that everyone has an opportunity to select).

  • If you are unable to find an in-person time and location that works for you, you will be able to join virtually.

  • More events will be added according to popular demand, if needed, to ensure everyone who registered and submitted their projects on time has the opportunity to attend at least one Exposition, one FirstLight and one Storiearc event.

Festival Requirement

Creators are NOT required to submit for Storieroad in order for their project to be considered for festival screening acceptance. Please note: festival acceptance does NOT include network notes and/or marketplace executive meetings. Festival acceptance means you receive a screening only. If you want to be eligible for executives meetings, you must complete portions of the Storieroad process as detailed below.

Network Notes Meeting Requirement

Creators are required to complete the Exposition & FirstLight steps of Storieroad to be considered for a network notes session.

Marketplace Requirement

Creators are required to complete the Exposition, FirstLight, and StorieArc steps of Storieroad to be considered for marketplace executive meetings.

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