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Catalyst is a champion of independent artists and a curator of narrative stories. Our mission is to advance the narrative storytelling arts by giving creators a pathway to develop professional working careers in the industry (TV, film, podcast, any visual or audio narrative format). In today's digital information age, we strongly believe that storytelling is the cultural fabric that ties us together and can provide hope and opportunity for many who might otherwise feel left out or left behind.

We provide a strong professional community for storytellers to engage with through the Catalyst Institute and highlight their work for the world at the annual Catalyst Content Festival. Catalyst is not possible without the generosity of our passionate community. Whether your gift is $500 or $50,000, there is a way for you to connect with Catalyst. We hope you will join our community and help us strengthen independent artists and the storytelling landscape.

To learn more about how you can support our year-round programs, please contact us at (218) 208-0140 or

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