2019 Shortform Drama Selections


A few years after the landslide victory of a new political party, a war for the very identity of America rages within the country. As violence and toxic policy infects the nation, Charlie Stanton is forced to leave his family farm and journey north; his fate, uncertain.

Dad Man Walking

Meet Johnny - a jingle writer in Chicago and single dad with full custody of his whip-smart daughter, Trudy. In the midst of a costly legal battle in family court, Johnny has to keep pushing forward in this dark comedy set to the cool sounds of the Quin Kirchner Group.


ON revolves around the members of a Device Addict’s Anonymous meeting five years in the future, and a mysterious new member, Isaac, whose tech addiction runs deeper than the rest. By the end of the first season we learn that something from within the technology itself is using Isaac for a larger purpose, and has actually brought them all together for a reason. It’s a character-driven series about reconnecting as humans in an overly-virtual, very-near future. A grounded sci-fi: Black Mirror meets High Maintenance.


Atara Hirsch's father has been missing for three weeks and declared deceased. But when Atara's estranged Uncle Yoni returns from Kiev, taking her father's place at the head of the table, Atara is unwilling to move on. Unable to accept her father’s death and growing increasingly curious about Yoni’s inconvenient arrival, Atara continues to search for her father in secret.


Facing either the wrath of her parents or a forced marriage to a man more than twice her age, fifteen year old Evie makes an impossible choice.


For Native students, classrooms are oftentimes the first battlegrounds. Native students oftentimes must ignore assaults on real history and also their self-esteem for survival; it is a brutal process and results in the erasure of Native figures from history and the elevation of Europeans to a heightened place in history. Petaki is just one story of what happens when one student engages that battleground armed with real history and intentions not to be erased ever again.

Cleaner Daze

Welcome to The Cliffs, the one and only teen drug rehab in Santa Cruz, California. Nobody wants to be there, not even the staff. As the pent-up teens sneak around trying to do whatever they can to get high, Jasmine and her eccentric co-workers, addicts in recovery themselves, do their best to “treat” them. And once an addict, always an addict.


A dramedy set in 1986 San Francisco, a young man and woman meet at a video store, sparking a contentious love-hate relationship resembling an addiction that neither can quit. Together, they will commit a crime and flee to the island of Santorini, believing life in paradise will cure all that ails them.


Haunted by guilt and on thin ice at work, a disillusioned illustrator is pushed to the edge of sanity when his latest drawing springs off the page, splattering his monochrome world with color.

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