2019 Short Film Selections


Clear follows Ember Bearheart Johnson's first day at home after a 16-year prison sentence for a crime she didn't commit. Reuniting with her daughter (who was an infant at the time she was incarcerated) is bittersweet as she uncovers how her family's lives have gone on without her after all these years.


Phil gives advice for a living but he’s never taken his own...it’s way easier for him to take advantage of people underestimating him for having Klippel Feil Syndrome.

Lose It

A woman can't find her keys, and by the time she notices what else has gone missing she might already be lost.

The Rug

A young woman invites her siblings over to see her new rug.


Two blood splattered little old ladies skulking through the bush, a real life super model, and tapioca pudding collide.

Dog Walker

After losing custody of her children in a contentious divorce, Jill who now works as a dog walker and lives in the low income section of her upscale town, takes revenge on a privileged client.


Aware that her drinking has become destructive, Jones takes a go at living the sober life. Not wanting to be someone else’s problem, she pushes away help and comes face to face with herself and her lack of control.

New Neighbors

The Blackwell family moves into a new, predominantly white neighborhood. One day, in reaction to the rash of deaths of young Black men; Faye, the mother, decides to combat fear and treat with an age old strategy of door knocking. A gesture meant to create harmony only escalates tension in relationships, freak incidents, and absurd micro-aggression to a point where the family learns up close what it means to be an outsider.

That Was Awesome!

When a floor hockey team of adults with special needs gets pushed around one too many times off-the-court, they decide to stand up for themselves on-the-court in the game of a lifetime.


Set in the near-future, a Latino comes home one day to discover he's been replaced by a "whiter" version of himself.

Le Meow Mort

A woman gets a second chance to save her beloved cat, but not everything is what it seems to be.

Nothing to See

A visible girl in an invisible world.

The Waiting Room

After an awkward introduction, two strangers are forced to interact when an earthquake traps them in a hospital waiting room.

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