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2020 Official Selections

Avocado Toast poster

Avocado Toast: The Series


Ever wondered about your parents' sex life? Neither did Molly and Elle until coming out and divorce forced them to learn. After a lifetime of dating men, Molly surprises herself when she falls in love with a woman for the first time.

Crescendo poster



An outwardly ambitious and charismatic opera singer fights to maintain her stature and career path while silently struggling.

Distemper poster



Distemper tells the true story of pathologist and LGBT icon Louise Pearce as she works to find a cure for African Trypanosomiasis as it infects millions across the Belgian Congo.

Fully Formed Adults poster

Fully Formed Adults


A series of awkward interactions between Gen X and Millennials.

Group poster



You don't really know yourself until you look through someone else's eyes.

It's What She Would Have Wanted poster

It's What She Would Have Wanted


Maggie welcomes four of her oldest friends back home after the unexpected death of one of their own. She convinces them to fulfill a childhood pact - destroy all evidence of their friend's most embarrassing secrets.

La Ruta poster

La Ruta


How far would you go for a better life?

Lucia crosses the Suchiate river with her daughter Carmen heading for the U.S. border, but when the harsh realities of La Ruta De La Muerte (The Route of Death) push them to a breaking point, their survival instincts kick in, forcing them to make unimaginable choices.

Progeny poster



This is a world exactly like ours, except that the wealthy elites are aliens, living and working among us, but with one key difference: they reproduce by implanting their offspring in a human host who raises the alien child as his own.

Public Writer poster

Public Writer


Mathieu is a public writer in a poor neighbourhood of Montreal. For the past years, he discovered that his job is more about people than literature. He must first listens and then finds the right words for those who can’t write.

Queens poster



QUEENS is a comedy-mystery whodunnit following an eclectic
cast of Toronto drag queens leading up to the night of the Miss Church Street pageant. Who among them is the saboteur? Or, rather, saboteuse? Available until Oct 16.

Sidestep poster



A woman finds herself torn between the bustle of her New York life and the quaint dance floors of her home in Texas.

Story of You poster

Story of You


When Jayne, a pregnant kindergarten teacher in the middle of an affair discovers the man who raised her isn't actually her father, the story of her life begins to quickly unravel.

Notion Show poster

The Notion Show

Dark Comedy

A mockumentary about a dark web reality show in which a psychotic host makes unbeknownst contestants play games for their lives.

Timberwood poster



When our long-term counselors return for the summer of their lives, they think they'll be picking up right where they left off last year. But... this isn't the summer they planned, but maybe it will end up being their best one yet!

Wild Lands Wild Horses poster

Wild Lands Wild Horses


America's wild horses are in crisis.

Caught in the crossfire over land use rights and a shrinking wild landscape, America's wild horses are struggling to survive.

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