2018 Script Selections

ITVFest is pleased to announce its 2018 Official Script Selections. These entries have been selected from a very competitive pool.

Each of these semi-finalists will be welcomed to the festival. Final awards will be presented at the festival's Red Carpet Awards Gala on Sunday, October 14, 2018.

  • Near Death, Andrew Bryan, Owen Hornstein III, and James Roe

  • We're Not a Boy Band, Louis Souyave

  • Rockaways, Anna Bierhaus

  • The Life and Times of Francie Page, Victoria Lucia

  • John & Meryl, Jimmy Prosser

  • The Residence, Erin Cancino

  • Paid for By, Dawn Smith

  • The War Girls, Alyssa D Ross 

  • Gunrunner, Kenneth Brisbois, David Ballard, and Rale Sidebottom

  • Tipping Point, Jack Konrath

  • Zero Point, Gregory Bayne and Christian Lybrook

  • Meat, Bubba Murray

  • Birds of Prey, Brent Skagford and Darren Curtis

  • The Big Underneath, Josie Kaye

  • The Barber of Seaville, Page Cooper Anderson

  • Intelligencers, Zach Tomasovic, Joe Miciak, and Michael Kandel

  • Not Liz, Liz Murphy

  • Confederacy, Khara Campbell

  • Halima & Company, D Faiza Ambah

  • Sweeney Todd, Heidi C. Bordogna

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