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Scholarship Opportunities

Catalyst works with a number of partners & sponsors to assist content creators who have a demonstrated financial need enroll in the institute or join a retreat. Everyone has stories to share and we believe there should not be a financial barrier to getting started in our industry. There are two pathways to scholarship:


(1) Direct Scholarships

Catalyst is supported by many generous individuals and organizations who assist artists who demonstrate financial need. These scholarships are gifted by Catalyst on a rolling basis as they become available. To be considered for a scholarship, please complete BOTH the scholarship request form and your database profile:

(2) Partner Scholarships

There are many organizations that provide money directly to artists to use for career advancement, such as enrolling in the institute. These are not direct scholarships from Catalyst, artists should apply directly through the organizations. You do not need to apply just for the institute or retreat amount - many programs allow you to apply for larger amounts.

MN State Arts Board
Arrowhead Regional Arts Council
Jerome Foundation
Springboard for the Arts
McKnight Foundation
Ford Foundation
The Fledgling Fund
From the Heart Productions
Creative Capital
Bertha Foundation
Indigenous Screen Office
Caucus Foundation

Additional FAQS

Do I have to be accepted into the festival to be in Storieroad?

No. The festival has no impact on your ability to be a part of Storieroad.

What's the key difference between the festival and Storieroad?

Storieroad is where you can advance your career, meet people, and get notes on your projects. The festival is a fun weekend where everyone gathers together to see new content and meet many people at once. Being accepted into the festival and winning an award is always a great boost to any project, but the majority of your long-term career work will be done through the smaller Storieroad events throughout the year.

Who are the Industry Professionals Involved?

The industry producers, casting directors, writers, directors, lawyers, agents, speakers and other professionals who partner with us changes every year. The full list is posted in the summer when the schedule is announced. You can see last year's list here.

Are all projects submitted to Storieroad automatically accepted into the festival?

No. All Storieroad projects are automatically submitted for festival consideration but are not automatically selected to screen at the October festival event. Projects will go through the normal festival selection process.

Do projects have to be in Storieroad to win awards at the festival?

No. All projects selected to screen at the festival are eligible for awards in their appropriate categories.

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