2019 Reality Selections

American Buskers

American Buskers is an unscripted, Americana travel series from Dognose Media that takes the viewer across the country; from the sun drenched beaches of Key West to the foggy fish markets of Seattle, in search of America's best buskers.

The Small Business Revolution

Every Season, The Small Business Revolution lands in one small town - bringing a half million dollars, thousands of hours of work, expertise from across the country, and a national spotlight to the small businesses at the heart of the community. The project, and the documentary series that captures it, are testing a theory: can small businesses bring life to the towns that big industry has abandoned?

Before We Wrap

Before We Wrap is a late night talk show that embodies the aesthetic and energy of 90’s urban radio, recalibrated for a millennial audience. This lifestyle series features candid discussions on issues of race, gender, identity, health and wellbeing. Before We Wrap combines uniquely black, female, and urban rituals, to extract universally relatable themes and create a stimulating and thoughtful entertaining experience.

Weird City with Amber Nash

A hilarious travel show exploring the strange side of cities across the country, starring Amber Nash.


Five female political experts transform the campaign of a woman running for office. In each episode of RUN, a different woman's campaign is transformed.

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