Production Guide

Minnesota has a rich history of film and TV productions, and is investing in bringing TV/film back to the region through grants from St Louis County, IRRRB and other regional partners.

Please register above if you or your company fall into one of the following categories in the Upper MN region. It is free to be listed.

- Accounting / Financial
- Agents
- Artists
- Casting
- Choreographers
- Location managers
- Producers
- Production coordinators


Production Services
- Construction
- Craft Services
- Gaffers and Electricians

- Grips

- Hair stylists
- Makeup artists
- Still photography
- Prop builders
- Sound
- Sound mixers and Boom Operators
- Transportation
- Wardrobe and Stylists


- Editors
- Post-production managers
- Publicity and PR
- Web design and development


Additional Information
- State of MN services and regulations
- Taxes and insurance
- Child Labor laws
- Unions

if you have questions, please contact one of the following:
Riki McManus:

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