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2019 Podcast Selections

Catalyst Festival is pleased to announce its 2019 Official Podcast Selections.

Each of these semi-finalists will be welcomed to the festival in Duluth. Final awards will be presented at the festival's Red Carpet Awards Gala on Sunday, October 13, 2019.

We Talk Weekly's "After the Talk"

We Talk Weekly's "After the Talk" is an experimental/new media radio/tv program which pushes the limits of radio to a television format while incorporating fashion, music, current events, and entertainment.

Life Changes Podcast

The Life Changes Podcast, hosted by Samantha Klose & Sarah Williams, two friends who drink wine, share their personal experiences, and explore the many changes that happen in life. Episodes feature expert guests on topics ranging from cannabis, marriage and family therapy, dating disasters, and more. The podcast is produced by Jay Diaz, a director & filmmaker who created “The Flip Side” viral series.

Rain Delay Theater

Jack and Jeremy are two Larry Davids when it comes to going to baseball games. Thankfully, they have a podcast to review the experience and rant about the crazy fans, the bad in-game features, and sometimes actually talk about the game!

Take It With You

Take It With You is an hour-long, originally scripted, live radio theatre podcast complete with versatile voice actors (think The Simpsons), all original music (think South Park), and old-school foley sound effects (think Monty Python coconut horses) performed in front of a studio audience in Duluth, Minnesota. It's the Golden Age of Radio but without the "age" or the "radio." It's just gold.

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