2018 Podcast Selections

ITVFest is pleased to announce its 2018 Official Podcast Selections. These entries have been selected from a very competitive pool serial podcasts.

The below semi-finalists will have the opportunity to record live at the festival.

Final awards will be presented at the festival's Red Carpet Awards Gala on Sunday, October 14, 2018.

  • Faded Out
    Hosted by: Sarah DiMeo
    Delving into the most dark and disturbing missing persons cold cases. This first series investigates the disappearance of Johnny Gosch, a paperboy who was abducted off the street on the early morning of Sept. 5, 1982, and whose case has never been solved.

  • Yarn story podcast
    Whether we're spinning yarns or unraveling them, Yarn is a storytelling podcast. Unwind with short stories, dramas and documentaries. Featuring descriptive narration, voice acting talent and original music. 

  • Hadronauts!
    Hadronauts! (formerly Hadron Gospel Hour) is an audio sitcom/adventure about a group of mismatched misfits who are stranded in a lab that’s floating outside of space-time. The show follows the gang as they try to repair a rift in the multiverse. The show was created in by Rich Wentworth​ and Michael McQuilkin​, longtime friends and collaborators from the Boston, MA area. Unlike the traditional -- and somewhat stiff -- radio drama approach, Rich and Michael prefer a quicker and more modern, almost TV-like style of pacing and sensibility. Episodes are FREE ​at hadrongospelhour.com​ or at iTunes​.

  • Lost In The Multiverse: A Dungeons & Dragons Podcast
    Lost in the Multiverse is a high fantasy action adventure podcast told through the format of 5th Edition dungeons and dragons. Complete with an original composed soundtrack and a cast of professional comedians and voice actors, Lost in the Multiverse is unique amongst D&D podcasts for its high production value and radio plays for its improvisational nature. You can think of it like an adventure fantasy play where the actors never know exactly what’s about to happen. With a focus on narrative and storytelling, Lost in the Multiverse follows four adventurers from disparate lands as they must trek across many realities to unwind a giant overarching mystery while encountering a great many goofs and wang-ups along the way. Striking a balance between irreverent and respectful, between silly and heartfelt, and between fantasy and literally every other genre, Lost in the Multiverse features an extremely diverse cast, brought together to make you laugh, cry, and listen to a bunch of nerds play dungeons and dragons. 

  • The Penumbra Podcast
    Depending on who you ask, the Penumbra is either the grandest railway this side of Nowhere or a twice-monthly podcast series. Each episode takes the form of a 30-50 minute radio play. The Penumbra is all about stories you recognize told in ways you won’t expect. Your femme fatale might be an homme fatale; you might find that not every haunting needs a ghost. Your criminal underworld might advertise on billboards ten miles tall, and when push comes to shove your home might have a bit more heart than you’re comfortable with. It’s never just a heist, a Western, an adventure. It’s the parts we think are still fresh about those genres — along with what we find along the tracks.

    The Adventures of the Family Brass are detailed in this exciting Steampunk adventure serial. A clan of Victorian science geniuses (Lord Brass an inventor and tactician, Lady Brass a Sherlock-level detective, son Cyril a martial artist savant and daughter Gwendolyn an acrobat and mistress of disguise) take on a mysterious Crime Minister for control of a London very different from the one in our history books.

  • The ADULTish Podcast
    The ADULTish Podcast in an extension of the Award Winning International Web Series ADULTish on footprint.tv. In the podcast Ming Chen of AMC's Comicbook Men, Brendan Michael Sokler, and David Tiberius Rey(or Trey) once a week tackle the nerd culture questions that need answering: Was Cantobite necessary? Is Punisher the best Netflix Marvel show? And will Deadpool show in the next Avengers movie wearing nothing but a bath towel? Catch them via Facebook Live Stream and chat with Bevin, geek girl extraordinaire of FanBolt.com, who will share listeners thoughts and questions with the guys during each episode.

  • #single
    A feminist podcast about navigating being a strong independent woman in an online dating world. With humor, curiosity, and compassion, unattached hosts Jeanette Bonner and Traci Redmond have conversations with other single women about the culture of online dating in a device-obsessed society. At the end of every episode, we ask a single guy to briefly share his response.  We call these guests The Voice of Patriarchy (cause what kind of feminist podcast would we be if we didn’t acknowledge that men have been running these conversations for far too long?!) #single aims to connect with other solo people who are experiencing disappointment and bring to light some hidden truths about being #single.

  • The Short Play Podcast

Producer - Timothy Lalonde (host)

Executive Producer - Joanna Pickering

The Short Play Podcast airs debut works from rising avant-garde and award winning playwrights worldwide. It focuses on topics that may be taboo -- from sexual assault (episode 1), mental illness (episode 2), death row (episode 3) although all topics are welcome. It welcomes playwrights from different countries all over the world -- and varying culture and norms. 


Episode 1 "Beach Break" written by Joanna Pickering: LIVE RECORDING AT ITV FEST! 14TH OCTOBER 4.30PM-5.30PM 4858 MAIN STREET 

Joanna Pickering is a writer and performer in New york City. The podcast is a short one act play from her full play.


Synopsis: Two friends go away on a small island vacation get away to escape  some problems at home, but in 72 hour they have spent all their money, acquired class A drugs, and attended a fiesta the night before where something terrible happened that will have explosive repercussions. 

Zurie - Anna Tempte, Layla - Joanna Pickering, Stage Direction - Timothy Lalonde, Directed - Joanna Pickering

Beach Break first debuted in development with Primitive Grace Theater Ensemble with Zurie played by Anna Tempte, Layla played by Joanna Pickering and first directed by Luke Smith as part of "The Duende Reading" series running at The Bridge Theater in New York City August 2018.