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2019 Pitch



Catalyst Content Festival has teamed with Big Vision Empty Wallet for their third annual pitch competition!

Three finalists chosen from submissions will receive an exclusive opportunity to develop expertly crafted pitches with the Big Vision team leading up to and at the festival.

The final pitches will be presented at the festival where they will receive feedback in front of a live audience on October 12th, who will then have the opportunity to vote for the winner. The winner will be announced at the awards ceremony.

Last year’s winner, HILO, a series created by Lorena Russi received a development deal and has been working with the Big Vision team to bring the project to buyers.

Founded in 2010 by Dani Faith Leonard and Alex Cirillo, Big Vision Empty Wallet is an incubator and production company that develops and amplifies unique voices in film and TV. Find out more at





Catalyst Festival is pleased to announce its 2019 Official Pitch Competition Selections.

Coming For You

Created by Taylor Coriell and Adriana DeGirolami 


A mockumentary-style comedy about a passionate film director and her crew who take their jobs as filmmakers way too seriously given that they are, well, making porn.

Georgi & The Bot

Created by Jade Daugherty and Fred Soligan


When Georgi’s company tasks her with training “Opto,” a robot that will eventually replace her, she accidentally teaches it to be a neurotic mess, jeopardizing both of their futures.

Super Girlfriend

Created by Allyson Morgan

SUPER GIRLFRIEND is a superhero story, told from the perspective of the superhero’s girlfriend. When a woman finds out the man she’s falling for is part of an underground superhero network, she must she must decide if their new romance can survive her own priorities and his extraordinary circumstances.

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