Executive Festival Guide


This Catalyst guide will ensure you make the most of your time in Duluth. Catalyst has many screenings, panels, and events happening simultaneously throughout the week.


All of Catalyst’s main venues are within a 1/2 mile walking radius in Duluth’s arts district campus on Superior Street. Follow this guide and you will likely cross paths with everyone attending the festival. So, if you don’t have time to determine your own schedule, or just feel overwhelmed with options, use the schedule below as your guide.

Weather & Wilderness Foliage


Autumn weather in Duluth is completely unpredictable. The current forecast is for sunny and nearly 70s on Wed & Thurs, then rain & snow on Fri & Sat. The wild winds off Lake Superior (the largest area fresh water lake on Planet Earth) are the wild card. Be prepared for anything!

If you want to explore the foliage wilderness and wildlife, take a short drive up the shoreline and you'll soon find yourself lost in the beautiful Minnesota forest land.

A Production Town On the Rise - IMPORTANT UPDATE


Downtown Duluth was built in the early 1900s, which is what gives it its authenticity, unique architecture, and old-timey Americana charm. Its age also means that its elegance needed updating. A few years ago, a group of Duluthians came together to raise over $20,000,000 to restore the historic NorShor theater. Soon after that another $5,000,000 was raised to create the Zeitgeist arts center with multiple theaters and world class cuisine. Both of these venues are part of the Catalyst campus on Superior Street.

Duluth is also home to the Minnesota Ballet, the Duluth Symphony Orchestra, the Opera, a renowned fine arts institute, numerous stage theatrical productions, and many more arts organizations. Artists and performers such as Bob Dylan, Maria Bamford, Jessica Lange, and Melanie Marnich are from Duluth. A recent artists coalition was commissioned to bring the city to life in 2020 by painting vibrant murals on the sides of many older buildings. You will see some of these in action.


In short, Duluth is a city that believes heavily in investing in artists to lead the future. It is young, creative, and affordable.


This is why Catalyst has made Duluth its worldwide headquarters.

As part of this generational transformation there is currently a massive $800,000,000 medical expansion and 3-year construction project underway in the heart of downtown. The original pipes and prohibition tunnels from 100 years ago have been dug up and are being replaced to bring Duluth's infrastructure into the 21st century.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Portions of Superior Street are a construction zone and will be difficult to navigate in heels or open toed footwear, so bring comfortable shoes.

As you are exploring Duluth, you’ll notice it has a wide variety of scenery, architecture, and potential shooting locations. Some places are new and beautiful, others are old and worn. Some blocks are classic mid-century Americana, others are majestic and old-timey. The Lake doubles as a beautiful natural ocean while the shipyards and rail yards make for intense industrial sets. Keep your next project in mind and be confident that whatever it is, you’ll find a potential shooting location here in town.

This year, St Louis County, the Iron Range, Duluth and the surrounding area invested over $200,000 to create a production guide for you. It lists the production crew and vendors already available to you here. The goal of this guide is to encourage you to consider Duluth and the region for your next production. This area has produced major films & TV before and is ready to do it again.

Relaxed Atmosphere. Not A Pitch Fest.


The purpose of Catalyst is to lower the barriers between creators and the industry. Our team has spent the year selecting the content and creators attending. This is a casual, relaxed event where everyone is hanging out and striking up interesting conversations throughout the days. Come prepared to interact and meet new people.


There is no "speed dating" or "pitch fest". Catalyst gives you the opportunity to meet hundreds of fellow industry professionals in a few days - forming new relationships and business partnerships that you can develop over time.

Duluth’s Cultural Must-Do List


Here is list of completely unique Duluth experiences to do while you’re here. They are NOT sponsor based (meaning we weren’t paid to suggest these), they are genuinely things we love to do living in Duluth! Gather a few friends and explore:

  • Stand at the edge of the canal lift bridge and watch a ship come in/out of port. You’ve likely never been this close to a massive moving ship before.

  • Have a Tom & Jerry at Pickwick

  • Visit Enger Tower

  • See the entire city from JJ Astor Restaurant at the top of the Radisson

  • Take a stroll down the lake’s edge from behind Zeitgeist to the lighthouse (keep the lake on your left as you go towards the lighthouse)

  • Visit Lake Superior Glass Blowing

  • Take a Vista Fleet lake tour



Daily Catalyst breakfast special at the Boat Club in Fitgers (600 E Superior St)

$10 bottomless mimosas & $6 Bloody Mary’s with your badge

A relaxing gathering of Catalyst friends to start each morning



StoryWorld Seminars


A Deep Academic Look into the World of Storytelling

Spirit of the North Theatre in Fitgers


WDSE Executive Lounge

Thursday - Saturday

211 E Superior St

(big Catalyst logo on the window)



Complimentary coffee and light refreshments


Complimentary Mimosas and Bloody Marys


Festival screenings, panels, and more at:


Zeitgeist - 222 E Superior St

Fitgers - 600 E Superior St.

NorShor - 211 E Superior St

Brewers Garage (Project Angaelica) - 205 E Michigan St

Please note: schedules may shift.

The online schedule app will always be the correct and up-to-date.



Executive Only Lounge

Fri & Sat

Greysolon Blackwoods Lounge

227 E Superior St



WDSE Executive Lounge

Thurs - Sat

Happy Hour, featuring local beers and spirits

211 E Superior St

(big Catalyst logo on the window)


Industry Parties

Thursday, Oct 10th 


231 E Superior St.

Walk if you can, parking is difficult with construction.

Friday, Oct 11th


3300 London Rd

Plenty of self-parking. If you need a ride, shuttles leave from Fitgers, Sheraton &

Hampton Inn starting at 6:30pm

Sponsored by Abrams Artists Agency

Saturday, Oct 12th


506 W Michigan St

Plenty of self-parking. If you need a ride, shuttles leave from Fitgers, Sheraton &

Hampton Inn starting at 6:30pm

Sponsored by Abrams Artists Agency


Late Night

Rathskeller – 299 E Michigan St
Zeitgeist – 222 E Superior St

Awards Gala

Sunday, Oct 13th

Greysolon Ballroom



To help you stay connected with the other creators and producers in our Catalyst universe, we have created the private "Catalyst Storieroad" facebook group.

This group is for industry creators & producers at Catalyst in Duluth, and those who attend Storieroad's educational and professional development seminars around the country.

Use this group to make festival friends, stay in touch, and plan your next production together.

Ticketing & Seating at Venues

All venues are first come, first serve seating. Be sure to line up 10 minutes in advance.


Venues & Parking

All of the Catalyst venues are in a small 4-block radius, so it will be easier for you to walk to campus and roam around all day instead of trying to drive and park between venues.


The entire festival is casual attire except for:

  • VIP parties at night (business casual & fashionable is fine)

  • Red Carpet Awards on Sunday afternoon (major dress up event – suits & dresses)

Please note: Superior St is under going major construction and has areas where you will be walking in dirt and stone. You'll want to bring comfortable shoes.

Badge & Bag Pick-Up

Badges are available for pickup from 10am-5pm each day Wed-Sat at the NorShor Theatre located at 211 E Superior St.

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