2018 Selections

Television Dramedy

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Welcome to York, a city plagued by crime, corruption, and a brutal garbage strike. With an election looming, Mayor Tom Hogg is caught on video smoking crack. Now he’s desperate to get his hands on that video. But so are Hogg’s many enemies, including his eco-friendly opponent, a vigilante cop out for revenge, a grieving girl on the run, and a timid but tenacious journalist. They all want to take the Mayor down, but Hogg and his crew of dirty cops aren’t going out without a fight.



A barely sober Special-Ed teacher who dog- paddles his way through life one drink at a time is being stalked by a psychotic school security guard, hooking up with his ex boss, and on the verge of being overthrown by his own students. It's dawning on him that he’s nothing special. But the kids of Homeroom just might be.



Based on the popular expression of loss, "If only I had five more minutes with….” Sarabeth Hanley discovers she can access those five minutes for people in her apartment closet. This new found gift helps Sarabeth quell her introverted ways by connecting with people in life through the bonds of death.

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Haunters The Musical is an LGBTQ+ horror-comedy about a newly dead girl who wants to get back home to figure out who she really is, but at every step is stymied by her silver-tongued mentor who has mysterious designs of his own. The afterlife is a magical, musical, and manic place. Ghosts from across history, each truly messed up for one reason or another, spend their days haunting Earth’s minor jerks.



Little Hope follows Terry Roper, a disgraced psychotherapist, who, after being incarcerated, begrudgingly moves back in with his parents and takes a job leading a church self help group. When he meets the group, he realizes that they are all of his life’s challenges staring him down. Throughout the series, Terry finds that his “patients” may be able to help him just as much as he can help them.

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A diverse comedy series about martial arts and growing up, taking place off the last stop on the L Train– Canarsie, Brooklyn. Taking A Hit is a darkly comedic retelling of writer/creator Tommy Kang's upbringing, taking care of his cancer-stricken father's inner-city Tae Kwon Do school with his stoner friends. Our protagonist Tommy is a 2nd generation Asian American who has always felt more American than Asian. He hates his job, working at his father's dojo, but when he inherits the school and its troublemaking students, Tommy needs to grow up fast.



Young filmmakers Keylee Koop and Micah Sudduth boldly explore the realities of marriage in the millennial age, drawing upon true experiences to mine the humor and heartbreak of growing into adulthood, leaving home, disappointing your parents, and pursuing a creative life.

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Alex and Matt attempt to manage their lives, relationship, and an apartment building. It’s love in the millennial age, but really it's just funny and sweet and full of good old fashioned hate banging. What's not to like?